Jayanti Market, jaipur, 302001

About Us

kandoi videon group

is a family of Electronics giant Kandoi Videon Group.

Kandoi Videon Group, established in 1983 with its 1st showroom at Jayanti Market, Jaipur has earned a reputation of the most well-equipped store for all consumer electronics and appliances with the added benefit of a customer-friendly environment.

Presently Kandoi Videon Group is running 3 megastores of 2 LG Best Shop Stores and 1 Multi brand with a turnover of Rs 25 crore in the retail segment.

With Vendit we have entered later on for Technology, the technology which focused on the contactless shopping of your preferred food. Vendit has now extended to the 7 urban areas in India, and we are focusing on adding to come.

Our Vision is to give hassle-free and contactless shopping of snacks and food considering the present situation of COVID-19 pandemic.

We trust in social distancing and hygiene purposes for that we have acquainted our machines with the common people, who need to have food in a hurry.